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Hello, I've got a problem with my Acer laptop... before you ask me,
no, I didn't buy it from TigerDirect (we review TigerDirect in our

The problem is that I've always used it on a flat surface but with a
cloth behind the laptop. So probably overheating the cpu and disk.

After some time, about 45 minutes, the CPU throttle goes very down, so
freezing the PC, and I have to reset it.

I solved the problem putting two boxes on the sides, and now there is
some air under the laptop.

But is it really this the problem? I can't accept it and I'm trying to
find a software solution to this.

Can overheating really freeze a laptop? CPU is not overclocked, and I
have it since an year or so and never had these problems before.

Maybe the fan has some problems?

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Isn't one. This is a hardware issue. The one thing that *might* help
is a bios update, as thermal management is one thing that gets
"optimized" very often in a bios update.

There are also laptop coolers you can get, they're essentially a pad
that goes under the laptop, with extra fans.
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A distinct possibility. So is dust.

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Stefano wrote:
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Heat can most definitely cause a machine to seize up.  I wouldn't be
surprised if the fan has lost some of its efficiency because of a
buildup of dust.  I've had that experience before.  Took the machines
(laptop & desktop) to a technician I know, and all was good again after
a cleaning.

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This isn't rocket science - move the cloth!

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