Acer Aspire iDea 510 - dead!!

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Hi all,

My first post, hoping to get help with my prob.

My 6 month old Acer Aspire iDea 510 Media Center PC just died.  I was
connected to it one night from a friends house (via LogMeIn) and that
was ok.  When i got to my house the next day, i faound the PCs little
time/date display on the fron panel was frozen at 2 days before.
Strange seeing i had actually connected to it the night before.  

I proceeded to power cycling the machine, and it then only got as far
as the Windows XP boot up logo, then crashed.  I cycled it again, this
time only freezing at the ACER POST screen.  Cycling after that now
results in absolutely no video output, despite all fans, LEDs, HDD sound
being the same as before.

I doubt its the VGA because even when booting my PC, i cannot ping it
from a PC on the same LAN,  so i think its not booting up at all.  The
time/date display on the front of the PC now reads 1/1/2006 00:00:00
everytime i hook up the power cord to it.

Can a dead CMOS battery be the culprit?

How can i best test to see if the PSU is underpowering the MoBo or if
the MoBo is faulty?

Please advise.

Thanks a million.

Re: Acer Aspire iDea 510 - dead!!

dwayne wrote:
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The specs make it similar to a laptop with twin TV tuners added.
The powering could be more like what you'd find in a laptop,
than in a desktop PC. That means, there may be a single DC
voltage at a handful of amps, that feeds the box, and inside
the box, they convert that rail voltage to the lower ones used
by the chipset and processor.

And at an MSRP of $3000, I think I'd get someone to fix it.
Is there any warranty left ?

It does sound a bit like a power problem, but it could
either be the input power, or some part of the
conversion circuitry inside the main box. On the Acer page,
which is typical for computers, they never show how the thing
is powered, or any details of the little bits and
pieces. I assume there is a wall wart with switching
power converter, similar to a laptop.


Re: Acer Aspire iDea 510 - dead!!

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If its only 6 months old then I would expect it to still be under warantee.
Don't touch a thing, just contact Acer or the vendor you purchased it from
for how to get it repaired under warantee.
Brian Cryer

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