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My friend has an Acer Home Theater problem.
When puting the power on, nothing appears on the scren.
Connecting an outside scren shows "no graphics input."

Apparently the graphics card is out of order. Acer asks for 600 ?uros to  
I wonder if graphics cards exist on the market so I can repair myself.
I assume the card is separated from the main board.

Thanks a lot

Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

Sydney wrote:
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What is the model number of the product ?


Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

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I should have written in the first place that the computer is all in one  
piece ! everything (except keyboard and mouse )is compacted in one block.

I am afraid the video card in integrated to the motherboard.

Nevertheless here are the data
Model Home Theater Aspire Z5761

then the SNID number (the reference number for Acer France representative).

SNID 209 00 77 00 30
S/N DOSGYEF00320901E143000

I assume that before going farther I have to figure how to open the unit.

Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

Sydney wrote:

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I like to see the model number, so I can become familiar with it.

    "NVIDIA GeForce GT440, GT435M, or GT420 graphics"

A user here seems to think the machine has a "burnout problem".
Some part was replaced, and the problem comes back.

This article casually mentions MXM form factor. That
means the video portion can be unplugged and is not
soldered to the motherboard. That seems unusual for
an all-in-one.

    "According to rumors, the power consumption of the GeForce
     GT 435M should be about 40-45 Watt (TDP including the MXM board
     and memory), and therefore suited for 15? laptops.

     Furthermore, the 400M series supports Optimus to automatically
     switch between the integrated graphics card from Intel and the
     Nvidia GPU. However, the laptop manufacturers need to implement
     it and it cannot be upgraded."

This is what an MXM card would look like.


Grinder has tried to give some general advice on
debugging the problem.

It sounds like the problem happens even at the BIOS
level, so maybe it's not an OS driver problem.

The graphics would look like this.

      Intel graphics --------+    LVDS   Internal LCD panel
      NVidia_MXM_graphics ---+
                             +---> External Video connector available ???

This picture is bleak...

But look at this one, all the I/O is on the side I couldn't see.
I think I see a VGA connector you could test on there, using
an external monitor. Then, see if the user manual
mentions alt-F5 video toggle, to select the VGA connector
as an output. Usually, there is a function key like F5, and
pressing a couple keys toggles the video mode. That's
to see if you can get a signal from the VGA instead.

It's really hard to say whether they'd use Optimus on that design
or not (the ability to switch between Intel GPU and Nvidia GPU).
The picture on that last page shows the unit is actually pretty thick.
It has a 220W supply and the supply is one of those weird form factors
(possibly near the bottom of the unit?).

Not shown on the picture of the MXM board, there is a cooling
solution that bolts over the GPU. So you'll have to remove the
cooler on the MXM board, before you can change it out. Apply
a little fresh thermal paste to the new GPU, before putting the cooler
back on.


Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks Paul for the info. I 'll wait until my friend returns to me to go  

Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

On 2/9/2015 3:43 AM, Sydney wrote:
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Perhaps, or perhaps not.  Try a different monitor and cable.  Try your  
current monitor on a different system.  Reduce the Acer Home Theater to  
a simpler state:

1) Unplug unnecessary peripherals

2) Reduce or replace RAM if possible.  Make sure any installed RAM is  
firmly seated in a socket that shows no damage or dirt.

3) Pull extraneous cards--including the video card if you have onboard video

4) Unplug system from power, remove CMOS battery for 5 minutes and reinstall

It may well be the video card, but what your describe could be caused by  
several other causes.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Video cards are readily available in most markets.  You'll need to find  
out what you'll need as a replacement if you do conclude yours is bad.  
If you have the case open, try to figure out what motherboard you  
have--it will be helpful in find a suitable replacement.

It's possible your video "card" is bad, and you have video that's  
integrated into the motherboard.  In that scenario, you may still be  
able to remediate the situation by putting a video card into the system.

Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

On 02/09/2015 03:43 AM, Sydney wrote:
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The fact that there is no video output does not mean the video card (or  
chip) is bad...there are certainly other possibilities.

I agree that the repair price is absurd...completely new devices can be  
purchased for one forth that amount

Re: Acer Aspire Home Theater

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I finally have been able to put my hands on the machine.

When powering up, I got a black screen with boot error 0xc000000f

So i reboot with the recovery tool Alt F10 and windows re install itself  
from the repair partition. PROBLEM SOLVED

To me, the fact that nothing was seen on the screen during the previous  
sessions is due to mishandling with several power OFF .
Black screens induced panic responses and many falses actions including  
removing the power cord from the outlet by the owner.

Hope this is clear

Thanks to all

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