Acer AL2021 Flickering

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i have an Acer AL2021 LCD flat panel display. when i boot the monitor,
the Acer logo flashes momentarily, the screen goes blank, then the
logo flashes again. this repeats continually. It seems as if it is
stuck "on the logo" as it does not attempt to display the signal from
the pc. it should be noted that others who have shared this problem
had some type of power part replaced on the display, only to run into
the same problem 3 months later. what is wrong with my Acer?


Re: Acer AL2021 Flickering

On Sat, 01 Sep 2007 00:42:38 -0000, amc

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If it is still under warranty, no need to wonder instead of
having it replaced.

If not under warranty, and others found short-term
resolution through the part replacement, it seems fairly
obvious that this part is where you need to focus, though
that it seems to have a design flaw so essentially you'll
need to either DIY, or have someone find the fault point on
this part and depending what it is, see if you can improvise
an upgraded (discrete components or other) improvement to
combat the failure.  For example, if a capacitor is popping,
chose a better spec'd capacitor.  If a transistor is frying,
likewise (though these may be surface mount and not so
easily replaced without more specialized tools like a hot
air rework station).

  If it is overheating, heatsinking a part, choosing a part
with better thermal interface properties, or improving
cooling by adding some strategically placed vent holes, or a
fan in worst case.  

Naturally none of these should be attempted unless you have
no remaining warranty or don't have the ability to do so
safely or know someone who can do it safely and cost
effectively (cost meaning if you have to pay a technician,
mostly it would be the labor cost to implement as individual
discrete parts failures are not very expensive on a power
*part*).  On the other hand, many of today's techs aren't so
creative, they would just insist on replacing the whole
power (board?) and to some extent, this covers their ass
because if a makeshift repair fails, the buck stops there
instead of blaming the part / Acer or the 3rd party part

In summary, more info is needed, all the specifics about the
"power part" replaced, including links to pictures and
anyone who might've taken some test equipment to it to find
faults.  If nobody has done this yet, you are the pioneer.

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