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My computer came with a 40GB Maxtor DiamondPlus hard disk drive. I
added an 80GB Maxtor DiamondPlus drive as a slave on the same IDE ATA
cable, but the BIOS doesn't detect the new drive. The drive itself is
functioning because I formatted it using FDISK, and if I remove the
master drive and put the new drive on to the master cable connector,
the BIOS detects it correctly. However, when I connect it to the slave
cable connector, it does not. I tried another cable, purchased new,
but it makes no difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things to try? I'm tearing my hair
out here.

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This has nothing to do with C
The other drive should be configured to recognize that it has
a slave. Look at the jumpers at the back of the drive, and
put BOTH in "CS" (cable select) and do not worry anymore
who is the master and who is the slave. If not, configure
the new drive as slave, and the old one as master with

jacob navia
jacob at jacob point remcomp point fr

Re: Accessing a disk

Hello Jacob-

Thanks for replying.

What is a Cable Select? Will I need to buy one? (As far as I can tell,
there isn't one in the kit I've got here.)

And do you mean that I should also change  the jumpers on the old
disk? I don't have any spare jumpers, so I was hoping that would be
unncessary. Would it work if I try to cut a paperclip to the right
size and use that instead?

Thanks again for taking time to answer.

jacob navia wrote:
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Re: Accessing a disk wrote:
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Cable Select is a position in the set of jumpers behind the disk

Look if you do not know that, it means that you have to return to the  
shop with your machine and the disk and ask the technician
to install it for you.

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If you do that you will make a short circuit and burn the drive.
I repeat: Go to the shop with your drive and ask the technician
to do it for you!

Re: Accessing a disk

jacob navia wrote:
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This is a matter of principle.  This is OFF-TOPIC on c.l.c.  Your
first answer should have at least set follow-ups to
alt.comp.hardware and kept all followups away from c.l.c.

To faq:  Please do not top-post.  Your answer should follow (or be
intermixed with) the material you quote, after snipping anything
immaterial to that reply.  Your top-post here has completely lost
the original enquiry.

Note that I have set follow-ups to alt.comp.hardware, and any
further discussion should take place there.  I am deliberately
failing to add any information here.

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