AC Adapter watts

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I have a HP-HDX18 laptop and the 120w ac adapter gave out on me and is
can't be fixed.

its specs are:
INPUT: 110-240~2.4A 50-60Hz
OUTPUT: 18.5V 6.5A 120W

i have another HP ac adapter that works but the output watts is only

its specs are:
INPUT: 120-240V 50-60Hz
OUTPUT:18.5V 3.5A 65W

So my question is, will using this spare AC adapter with a lower amount
of watt output be harmful to my laptop or just not work?

Thanks in advance.

Re: AC Adapter watts

Yes it could well be damaging, the adapter if 'well made' may shut down
because of the protection device detecting a over load, if it doesn't
the machine will have a awful ripple current that 'could' do harm. The
adapter would also run quite warm or overheat.

You are better and safer using one that is equal to or greater than the
original, this being 120W or 18.5 @ 6.5A (volts x current = Watts).


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