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hi frinds..
i wanna ask u something ...
i wanna buy a knew CPU.
can u advice me the best configurations that my cpu should have. i want
to hav a gaming cpu so that i can hav ultimate gaming and also i want
that it must be fastest for office work and internet ..
please advice me somthing bout that ...please tell me least that i have
to spnd for this.


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sonu wrote:
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I suggest you edit your messages before sending.  What is a frind?
The first person singular pronoun is I, not i.  There is no such
word as 'wanna'.  Who is 'u'.  I can only think of U Thant, once
connected with the UN.  'knew' is not an adjective, so how that
applies to CPU is beyond me.  Have is spelt with a final e.  A bout
has to do with boxing, or maybe wrestling.  What are we supposed to
interpret the ... elision marks to mean?  What does spnd mean?  

Why should we, the readers, expend any effort trying to translate
your article?  It doesn't appear to be a language difficulty, when
most will be quite tolerant.  However lazy carelessness is another

 Some informative links:

Re: about computer

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Upgrading the CPU is not always easy. Sometimes the newer CPU
does not fit in an older motherboard. Or the power supply is
too weak to run the CPU. If you are trying to upgrade a
computer, you have to give us details about what you own,
so we can help you. Like either tell us it is a
Dell Dimension 4550, or tell us the motherboard model
number (printed on the motherboard inside the computer).

Just telling you about some $1000 CPU we saw at the store,
is not going to help you. You need a computer that can use
the new CPU. Imagine if you spent $1000 on the CPU, and
then discovered it did not fit in your motherboard.

In many cases, if you want "ultimate gaming", you have to
start from scratch, and build a new computer. The video
card is very important for gaming, and in some cases
a new motherboard with two video card slots (for SLI or
Crossfire), is required for the very highest performance


Re: about computer

Get ready to spend at LEAST $1500 on the BOX alone

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