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I'm searching for the latest BIOS of my vintage Abit AH4T. Doas anyone
knows where I can get a BIOS? On Abit side I can't find anythink about
that "very" old mainboard.


Re: Abit AH4T

On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 07:50:51 +0200, Marc-Tell Volkmann

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They show an AH4 but no "T", I leave it up to you to
determine if the bios is right or not.

Why would you need a "latest" bios for this old board now?
What has changed since then?  Unless the bios is corrupt I
would leave it alone, it's not likely they added anything
more useful in recent years like a Y2K patch or larger hard
drive support, etc.

This page might link to more info about old boards,
http://fae.abit.com.tw/eng/download /
but unfortunately they don't appear to have an A4H or A4HT
manual for comparison.

Re: Abit AH4T

kony schrieb:
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I make a "highend" 486 PC for fun. It is a 486 Vesa-Local-Bus PC. The
Mainboard support 486DX4 CPUs. My intel-486DX4-75 is shown correctly but
my AMD-486DX4-100 is shown as 486DX66. I hope, that a BIOS Update will
fix that error.

Re: Abit AH4T

Somewhere on teh intarweb "Marc-Tell Volkmann" typed:
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I think you will need to move jumpers to fix that, not update a BIOS. Even
the latset BIOS for that board may not cover certain AMD CPUs as everything
was pretty Intel-centric back then.

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