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Hi everyone!
Excuse me my flawed english; my problem is as follows:

It concerns my notebook machine. Well, it hangs ("stops responding" -
meaning I can't do anything but switch it off (because this model of
notebook doesn't have a reset switch)) for no particular reason. It
doesn't depend on the OS, it happends in Win/Linux. It happens
sometimes so fast after powering on, that even the boot-menu (Linux
Lilo) doesn't have enough time to start, because the machine is already
"stuck" (call it what you want).

I know that it sound like the processor is simply overheating, but it's
not that simple. I have a new CPU coolers, and it worked straight for
two years+ with no problems even before i got them, as I said it's a
notebook so it doesn't get overheated too easily.
Mind the fact that it stops responding a SECOND after powering-on, when
the CPU is totally cold and nothing can be overheated.
It's no always like that - it can get f**ed up after 5 seconds, or
after 10 hours, you never know when. And when it happens, the only
thing I can do is powering it off and switching on again and start
prayers that it works (mostly it does not).

Hm... what else. I'd like to emphasise the fact, that it sometimes
works normally for hours, that it gets "hanged" and doesn't respond and
some other time it doesn't work for 5 minutes... so it seeems pretty

I don't know if this is a hardware or a software problem, and nobody
seems to be able to help me, so I write here...
Please write whatever comes to your minds.


Re: a serious problem

42 wrote:
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    I would think it is hardware related, and your memory would be what I
would suspect.  First try removing and re-installing the RAM.  Sometimes
an intermittent connection will do what you describe.  If that fails,
try one stick of RAM at a time or look for some other memory to use as
test RAM.  Once you do get your computer stable, do a Defrag of the HD.

    For what it is worth, a failing battery pack in notebook computers
often result in its failure to even boot up with the A/C as the power
source.  Who knows what a marginal one will do?  If you have access to a
different one I would try it.

Re: a serious problem

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The very first thing you should do is download and run this program. More
than likely it will report a problem with your memory. If it reports even a
single problem after hours of running you've got a problem.

http://www.memtest86.com /


Re: a serious problem

I would try to find out who manufactured the motherboard. Typically the
issue is with inexpensive components or incorrectly mounted components
on the board such as capacitors. Especially those caps used to shunt
voltage, which are critical in tolerance and heat and vibration in
miniature conditions such as laptops. This is not a new problem in the
industry, but good luck in getting them to support the warranty.

Sorry for your frustration.


Re: a serious problem

Hi, thanks for all your answers.

I can tell You what's the situation now.
Well, I still have this problem, no major changes.

1. I have downloaded the MemTestx86, and performed it, it showed no
   (Apart from the fact, that my machine 'freezed' during it once, but
as I said,
    it freezes independently of what happens).
2. By now, I think this might have something to do with the
overheating. Here is why.
   I bought the silicone thermo-conducting gel, and placed it between
the CPU and the
    metal plaque of the heat-conducting cooling system. And guess what!
It started working imidiately, as nothing never happened! And it didn'
hang up any more. But... unfortunately, only for two days. I mean, it
didn't 'freeze' even once for two-and-a-half days, but later it got
freeked-up again. Isn't this strange? I thought that the 'gel' helped
the cooling system, and it's no problem now. And, for God's sake, why
is it now bad again? I don't understand.

I have also found a book about repairing 'laptops', and the author said
that my situation is definitely a symptom of overheating. It sucks.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Re: a serious problem

And now, I did a 'test' to check if it really would be overheating.
It was a 'Do It Yourself' method. During a freezing night (10 Celcius)
I took my laptop close to an open window, so the cold air washes over
it; and it worked perfectly without faults.

So, I guess that it MUST be a matter of overheating. It's just to guess
As a wrote before, I have used silicone gel on a CPU, besides, of my
cooling fans one is new, and the other seems to work fine. But, maybe I
should try changing the other one as well? It may be pretty used up, I


Re: a serious problem

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If the fans are running, you have the heat paste and adequate ventilation
how can it be an overheating problem?


Re: a serious problem

You know what, after some time I've come to the conclusion that it may
be not connected to temperature.
It's because it still freezes with no apparent reason.

I'm helpless, totally.

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