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Re: A hot running SL6PG

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I realise that a fan design will affect cfm but in general, push up the rpm
and the cfm goes up with it yes? I think the evidence points to good air
flow. I just cranked the RPM on the exhaust fan to 4500 (usually run it at
2000) and in 4 minutes and 47 seconds,  the mobo/case temp settled at the
same as the room temp (from 25 to 21). The CPU and HDD temps also dropped by
2c. There is a filter on the front fan which cools the HDDs but this is
cleaned regularly. There is plenty of other holes for the exhaust fan to
suck in cooler room air anyway. Also, the exhaust fan is only centimeters
away from the CPU heatsink.

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Why is that? Which heatsink? The Northbridge? I think 4c above the outside
air temp for a mobo reading is good actually. The Scythe Samaurai Z would be
what I consider only a couple of points up from stock cooling.  As I
mentioned, it did bring the idle temp down 4c and the full load 7c. No bad
for such a quite fan. I'm sure with a larger 120mm or faster spinning/more
efficient 92mm fan it would work even better.

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And that it is!

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I really can't see that a difference of 28 watts (between the old and new
CPU)  would cause so many more c's at idle, especially considering I didn't
have an exhaust fan with the old CPU as well as having an aftermarket cooler
with the new CPU which has proven to be better than stock. Doesn't make
sense. But I am not an expert in PC cooling. Anyways, If the new CPU (given
I can get one at a reasonable price) behaves the same, I will concede that I
have a cooling problem!  Thanks for the food for thought.

Re: A hot running SL6PG

Hi All

It seems there is nothing wrong with the CPU, case ventilation or anything
else to do with insufficient air flow/cooling. The culprit is . . . (drum
roll) . . . The ACPI multiprocessor HAL (cheers and jeers).

Something I read about massive amounts of interrupts as well as what kony
said about no HALT (same thing I think) with ACPI not being enabled in the
initial install,  triggered a thought (oh the agony). I went back to the
ACPI uniprocessor HAL and voila, idle temps down about 12c on socket and 9c
on CPU. Full load down by about 5c all around too. The idle to full load
spread now sounds much more 'normal'. I am currently running oc'd @  3519
and a stock Vcore of 1.55v with an idle of 41c on the socket sensor and 53c
on CPU sensor - much lower.

So what's going on? ACPI  uniprocessor  HAL = cool maaan.  ACPI
multiprocessor HAL = put on your shorts and grab yourself an ice-cream? With
the ACPI MP HAL active, the CPU usage was still 0% (or very low like 1, 3
etc) at idle according to all my monitoring programs (task manager, MB5 and
Asus Probe). But I still had idle temps of 61c on the CPU sensor. What's
with that?

Again, thanks for everyone's time and input .


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Re: A hot running SL6PG

Stephan Carydakis wrote:
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If you only had 1 processor (and you HAVE to with a pentium 4), why did
you enable multiprocessor stuff at all? Anyway, thanks for posting your
solution, I'll remember it for future mysteries.

Re: A hot running SL6PG

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A SL6PG  has HT. So to utilise hyperthreading on win2k, you need a
multiprocessor HAL.

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