A few Raid 1 questions

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I'm setting up my first rack servers (Dell PowerEdge 1950 III), using
Raid 1 and I had a few questions I haven't figured out, nor could find
the answers to. Any hep getting the answers would be appreciated.

Ok these are "HotPlug" drives, I assume that means the same as
hotswap. So if I swap out one of the drives and replace it with an
equal drive, from what I know the controller over time repopulates the
data on that new drive. (is it as simple as just unplugging it and
plugging a new on in?). Anyways my first question - is there any way
to track if that new drive is fully populated with the data from the
old drive. I mean if I swap out the old drive also, I'll lose all
data, so I should keep track of this.

And secondly, I think I'll have 160GB drives in there. What if I swap
in a 320GB drive, will everything work just fine? What if I swap in a
different speed drive or brand, is there anything I need to be aware
of there?

Ok I hope these are simple to answer. Thank you.

Re: A few Raid 1 questions

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:03:44 -0800 (PST), Rob Conner

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Install the RAID Management software (I don't know it's
title for this system), and look about in it's settings and
interface.  There will need be one to assign the newly
plugged drive as a spare... if it just sees a new drive it
shouldn't automatically rebuild the array onto it until it
is designated as a spare.

IF it writes that designation to the drive, it might be
possible to plug in the drive before you need it, designate
it as a spare, then unplug it... so the next time you
connect it the system sees it is already designated as a
spare.   The benefit to that would be if someone else had to
replace it and you didn't want them mucking around in the
raid management software.  Either way, once it's designated
as a spare and rebuilding is enabled, it should rebuild to
it automatically.

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The raid management software, and it's log, should show
whether rebuilding or not, if there are any problems with
the array (it not being complete and operational).

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It will have 160GB of it's 320GB capacity used.

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Generally no, a different speed or brand doesn't matter but
if you intend to keep a spare lying about for quick
replacements, you might first connect it to the controller
to make sure there isn't some odd/rare incompatibility
issue, which there shouldn't be as that is why we have
standards but just to know ahead of time if you have that

For specifics on that server you might also try contacting
Dell... if not support then sales, with the idea that you
need to know if a product will suit your needs.

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