939 Mobo's/proc cores

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Abit Fatality AN8

Asus A8N-SLI Premium

Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI

Which one of the above boards would be the best to go with, I am leaning
towards the Fatality just because I have had a few Abit boards and never had
any hitches, also I am not overly fond of ASUS. However I am open to
suggestions on either of these boards or any other decent board that you
guys can recommend.  I am looking at a Athlon 64 3700+ or a 3800+,  also
what is the difference between the different cores on the 64bit procs. Such
as winchester,venice, san diego etc?


Re: 939 Mobo's/proc cores

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FWIW, I've been very pleased with this board...

My only complaints are with the onboard fans, they're stupidly loud and
can be replaced with heatsinks without too much difficulty.

Puts an eye out, like mother said he would

Re: 939 Mobo's/proc cores

Jamie wrote:
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This board is probably the most used s939 board. And thus the support is
good and there are many people to help you with problems.


Re: 939 Mobo's/proc cores

Abit has the best reliability.Also,the ASUS board has a problem when all
four memory slots are used,it will not support 4gb of ram.This is a problem
with many NF4 boards,Abit has solved it,not sure about the Gigabyte
board.Personally,I'm waiting for the new x32 SLI boards to come out.
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Re: 939 Mobo's/proc cores

im not as interested in PC gaming as I am video editing and what not, i'll
have my Xbox 360 in less then three weeks so PC games will be put on hold, I
am going with the Abit board though, thanks guys.

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