939 cooler on an AM2 board

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Hi guys,

Has anyone here tried mounting a socket 939 cooler on an AM2 based mainboard
(with some form of adapter/bracket) ?

I found one adapter, but I think it's only for the type of cooler that
screws directly into the two mounting holes. The cooler I bought (Asus
Silent Square) comes with a bracket that attaches underneath the board, but
it's designed for either socket 939 or socket 468 and as such the holes
don't match up with an AM2 socket.


Re: 939 cooler on an AM2 board

Skeleton Man wrote:
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Did you see this doc ? It shows some tricks with the
retention brackets. Maybe you can make more sense out
of this than I can.


There are a couple comments here that things don't work
quite right for AM2.



Re: 939 cooler on an AM2 board

Paul wrote:

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i just read the reviews on:
and the post by Oobahi intrested me he has athlon 64 X2 3800+ using the fan
you have his cpu runs at 32c to 44c i just got a atlon 64 X2 4200+ the
stock fan it can with keeps my cpu below 35c. but i use a akasa ak-855-bl
and that keeps my cpu below 35c.

So the question is this do you wish to risk your cpu/pc for the sake of the

Re: 939 cooler on an AM2 board

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I'm willing to chance it..  if it doesn't perform any better than stock I
can simply put the stock cooler back on..  right now (with a 64 X2 5200+
running at stock speed and a vcore of 1.3v) I get idle temps of around 55c
and full load temps that sometimes exceed 70 degrees..

Current idle temps (ambient room temperature 28c):

Mainboard: 53c
CPU case: 59c
Core1: 66c
Core2: 70c
Case exhaust air: 38c
PSU exhaust air: 41c

I'm willing to try anything to get that 59c to drop to a more reasonable
level like 39c..  lowering the vcore drops the temperatures by around 4c for
each .05v less, but it's unstable at anything under 1.3v and unbootable
(blue screens every time) at anything under 1.2v..


Re: 939 cooler on an AM2 board

Skeleton Man wrote:

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I have found having good extraction lowers the cpu temp.

I had a sampron 2800+ my pc case had a 80 mm fan on the side
changed that to 120 mm fan dropped the temp by 3c or 4c

Re: 939 cooler on an AM2 board

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I was wondering about that bracket, but as best I could tell it only comes
with the pro version of this cooler.. (despite the docs)

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Well one comment describes the adapter piece I found (two 1" strips of
metal), but according to a review site I found the specs says there might be
SMD components within that space and there needs to be a 2mm recess to
accomodate it. A quick look at my board and I would agree, if the strips
were flat it would crush those components.  The page I found decribes in
detail how to make the bracket, but I don't have either the hunks of metal
or the tools to cut it, and they don't offer any prototypes for sale :-(

Browsing the Asus forums I found one suggestion that involves drilling (and
I presume tapping) extra holes in the plastic stock cooler mount and
attaching the silent square retainer to those, but I don't think I'd trust


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