80gb HDD but only wokring at 31gb

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after formatting my HDD from RAW (Linux) to FAT32 (Windows) my HDD has
lost about 50gb of space. my SAMSUNG SPO802N was orignanaly an
external at 80gb, but i made it an intenal. It was working fine (80gb)
untill i installed linux on it. Why is it only showing 31gb when i use
it in windows xp ????

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Re: 80gb HDD but only wokring at 31gb

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Because its incorrectly jumpered to limit it at 32GB. You can refer to the
manual for it downloadable for free through www.samsunghdd.com
Additionally once you've ensured its correctly jumpered, you may wish to use
Samsungs dos utility to zero fill the drive in order to wipe everything
(including previous OS formatting/partitions) off it before attempting an XP


Re: 80gb HDD but only wokring at 31gb

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As I recall, the utilities included with Windows during its install will
allocate only up to 32GB for a FAT32 partition.  Those utilities do not
permit you to resize a partition, only delete and create them.  That
means you need to use 3rd party tools to enlarge it (or to create it in
the first place at a larger size).  See the 5th bullet point under "More
Information" at

So you could use a different format utility, like FORMAT.COM from a
Windows 98/ME bootable floppy (go to www.bootdisk.com) or Powerquest's
(now Symantec's) PartitionMagic, to create a larger FAT32 partition and
then install Windows and tell it to use that pre-existing partition, or
you need to use a utility, like PartitionMagic, to enlarge the partition
after you do the Windows install.  I've heard of the freebie Ranish
Partition Manager (http://www.ranish.com/part /) but have never used it.
I believe it also lets you resize partitions.

Is there a reason why you didn't bother to mention WHICH version of
Windows that you are installing?  There are a dozen, if not more,
versions of Windows.

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