800 vs. 1066 MHz memory ?

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My PC's CPU (Intel e6600) has a maximum rated FSB speed of 1066 MHz
and the mainboard can handle DDR2 1066/800/667 RAM. Currently I have 2
Gb DDR2 800MHz memory. Will replacing it with 2 Gb 1066 DDR2 memory
make the system significantly faster?

Thanks in advance.

Mark V.

Re: 800 vs. 1066 MHz memory ?

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There will be a slight increase in performance, but the increase
in memory clock speed will be a bit offset by increased timings.
The bottom line is that, unless you're running highly CPU
intensive applications, you're not likely to see any noticeable
difference.  The only other advantage would be a change in

Presently, your bus speed is 267 MHz and your DRAM clock
is at 400 MHz, so your bus to DRAM ratio is 2:3.  You can
confirm this with CPU-Z.  With 1066 MHz DRAM the ratio
will change to 267:533, or 1:2, which is a better ratio timing

Re: 800 vs. 1066 MHz memory ?

Mark V. wrote:

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