720kb DSDD floppy drives

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I'm looking for a 720kb double-sided double-density only 3.5" floppy
drive with standard IDC34-pin connector and 4-pin power.  I've found
old Fuji drives from an IBM PS/2 but they have 40-pin card-edge
connectors(note they are specifically NOT 34-pin card edge, I can find
those cables), and I don't feel like monkeying with custom cables,

I'm working on my DIY project to create Amiga .ADF files from Amiga
floppy disks.  The basic functionality works but I need a strictly
720kb-only floppy drive to solve a problem.  Note that I'm NOT trying
to modify a PC drive to function with the Amiga.  I've developed my
own USB floppy drive controller.

I'd even take a Teac FD235F, FD235HFA529, or FD235HFC529, or any drive
that can be modified to strictly support and read only 720kb floppies.

If interested, my project is at http://www.techtravels.org/amiga/amiga.html .
Make sure to click on the blog link at the bottom of the page for
current updates, status, etc.

If anyone has one of these drives they'd like to sell, or if you know
where I can find such drives, please let me know.



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