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I've got that freaky problem with my Gainward 6800LE - I heard, that this
problem have a lot of people with 6800LE - anyway - some experts suggest to
make any changes with memory voltage or just play with vertical
synhronization on:). Whatewer I do - the problem still remains me that
exists. It's new g.card and I bought it with great hope to modding.
Is there anybody, who knows how to fight that problem? (I don't want to play
with capacitors)


On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 12:23:40 +0200, "Przemek"

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It could be usefull to fully describe the problem,
particularly since those that already knew about it, seem to
have no come up with the clear/easy solution else you'd not
be asking here.

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When is it black?  Perhaps you need not answer this question
specifically as it will be covered by my previous suggestion
to fully describe the problem.  In general the card should
not have memory voltage so low that it doesn't work at all,
and if/when the memory voltage is too low you should see
screen corruption, often (hundreds or a thousand) rectangles
on the screen, or in very minor cases only a lot of
snow-like spotty artifacts during gaming.

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If the card doesn't even work correctly right out of the
box, and you're "SURE" the OS is configured correctly (you
might try a clean windows install, new DirectX and video
driver), then you should return the card ASAP.  Moddin' a
card to o'c when it doesn't even work right at stock speed
is a bad deal for you, IMO.

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