6800GT for $150 good ?

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I'm offered a GeForce 6800GT/128MB AGP card for $150.
I've never personally bought anything higher than an FX5700
and I thought all forms of 6800 were $300 or more.

This is an Asus V9999/TD/P/128M/A, claimed to be brand
new, box packed. Assuming that there's no catch and
everything's above-board, am I right in thinking that this is
a very good bargain ?

Re: 6800GT for $150 good ?

Buyer beware... Yes, it's a Very good price...


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Re: 6800GT for $150 good ?

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Sure. Last time I looked it was still $300+ if you look in pricewatch.
Even if you did a more thorough search and found a big sale I doubt it
would be get anywhere near that price.  In fact it sounds suspicious.
Id rather get that than the 6600GT though they are both good cards.
the 6600GT is around $180-220 or so.

I would wonder if its a refurb or return though if it works and has a
warranty  it would still be a good deal. Or maybe a LE or something.
The LEs go for around $200+  

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