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I am looking to buy a new 6600GT but dont know what brand to get. I
looked at ASUS but they dont have a 6600GT 256mb (dont know why). I'v
looked around and seen some pretty crappy video cards *claiming* to be
a 6600GT but i doubt it is good. Got any ideas. The price does notr

Re: 6600GT - what brand

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 06:30:06 +0000,
blak_stallion02@hotmail-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (GlimmerMan) wrote:

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I remember this article the last time I went to tomshardware. They
actually test several 6600s here. The test is dated april 4 I think so
its recent. I dont remember if the cards here have 128 or 256 or if
the cards tested are easily available. The winner is a Gigabyte card.
In the past when I used to buy Nvidia cards I didnt notice a lot of
difference in the makes though some people would always claim this or
that had better memory so it overclocked better. I think with some
posts Ive seen claiming bad caps on video cards too though its
ridiculous if any company is still using them , Id get a brand with
decent RMA service and a decent warranty.


Re: 6600GT - what brand

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As far as I'm aware none of the 6600GT cards have 256MB - at least that was
the situation when I bought my Leadtek 6600GT.


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