6600GT display errors

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When running a game (FAR CRY) a short while ago the game crashed and
rebooted the computer. When it restarted the screen was corrupted and
unusable. It had the appearance of short horizontal lines one pixel
high all over the screen; you could make out what was on the screen,
but not read any text. I managed to solve this and return it to normal
by lowering the screen colour quality down to 16bit. I then reinstalled
the latest driver for the card and reinstalled the latest version of
DirectX. This had the result of allowing the screen quality back up to
32 bit. The problem reoccurred when I went onto a website that used
Java and this caused the same problem. I uninstalled the Sun Java
system from my computer and this now works fine. The problem now only
occurs when I run certain games, notably Far Cry, Doom3 and Half Life
2, but is ok with Football Manager 2005. If Java is reinstalled then
the whole screen becomes corrupted again. Any suggestions as I feel it
is pointing to a hardware fault.
The only problem I have had previously is that I could not use Win Fox
as this often caused the system to crash when it loaded (and the icon
rose from the corner of the screen).


Leadtek PX6600 GT td
Asus P5AD2 Motherboard
Pentium 4 540 3.2
1 GB Ram

Re: 6600GT display errors

"Tiger Zero" wrote:
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It sounds a lot like a card that overheated (hardware), but the Java thing
points to a software issue.  If it were me, I would try reinstalling (after
uninstalling in safe mode - using DriverCleaner for your video drivers) your
video drivers, and possibly also DX and Chipset drivers as well.  As far as
Java goes, to be honest I've never had anything but trouble with it in the


Re: 6600GT display errors

It sounds like your video card is overheating while playing those
particularly graphics intensive games.  By the way, are you using a high
enough power QUALITY power supply unit?  That could be contributing.


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Re: 6600GT display errors

I thought about the overheating, but if you turn on the computer from
cold and go straight into a game, then it still happens and running a
temp diag on the card it is still running at 50C max. The supply unit
is a decent, but not  exceptional antec 500W so should be up to the
job. I have not tried driver cleaner, I wil give it a go! Thanks. I
still have hardware fears though!

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