64bit dual processor - dual core. Or just 32ai single chip

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Some months ago I was using a coolermaster box with a asus motherboard 3.06
P4 cpu and 1gig of ram. Then I splashed out on a Evesham dual xeon
workstation with 1 gig of ram. Problem is I use some heavy weight programs
and I thought that dual and xeon would do the trick but I still seems the
same. Some people have told me that memory is king with xeon.

I am looking to upgrade again possibly 64bit dual core dual cpu but feel
that the programs out there are not capable of using the resource.

I would like it when Apple release the Mac OS x for intel chips. This would
be great due to the OS and programs being mostly 64bit.

Re: 64bit dual processor - dual core. Or just 32ai single chip

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:06:30 +0100, "Nik Simms (Web Developer)"

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In the reviews theres a difference with stuff like Photoshop and
rendering and smaller differences with various graphics programs.

I mainly want one and as some reviewers have pointed like Anandtech -
it really makes a difference when you have multiple chores going on. I
often have downloading going on and may even be capturing a program
and reading the newsgroups and websites etc Lots of other things too -
I often have several programs open. I notice my system bogging down
with various activities nowadays. So I accept a big difference at
least during those times.

Right now Im downloading, have IE open and the Agent of course for the
newsgroups and Ms Access the database program.

I was reading some review of a quad core system at Xbit labs where
they had two dual cores on a system. The benchmarks were actually
really unimpressive cause they pointed a lot of the software they used
to test it didnt take advantage of that setup.

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