60 G Maxtor for 45 USD at Staples

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I just bought this, 7200 rpm.  Under USD 48 with tax.  I think it
will keep me in disk space forever, with my usage.  That is less
than one dollar per gig.  Not too long ago I thought getting a 1
gig drive for under 100 was a bargain.  Earlier 64 Megs for 300 was
a buy, and before that floppies at 0.25 per 400 kb were a bargain.

It's going to go in the 69 dollar 450 Mhz computer I bought from
Directron.  Now all I need to do is replace the memory with ECC
memory, and maybe expand from 128 to 256 or 512 megs. Are there any
bargains around for 100 Mhz ECC SDRAM, 128 or 256M size?  Color me

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Re: 60 G Maxtor for 45 USD at Staples

CBFalconer wrote:
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Staples does seem to have a good bargain on some hard drive every week.
  I got a Maxtor 200 Gb 7200rpm PATA for $70 a few weeks ago.  That's
not earth shattering I guess, but it's better than I could find anywhere

Re: 60 G Maxtor for 45 USD at Staples


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Thats a good price. If you are into rebates .50 a gig is reasonably
common. Some people hate rebates though.  I got yet another WD last
week for $29 160 gig but it had 100 bucks in rebates.

My Seagate 160 gig I got for $29 two months or so ago - I mentioned
many had problems with the rebates , I got my check last week no
hassles so Im happy.  

My lowest no rebate deal and its rare cause all good deals generally
involve rebates was a $20 60 gig Maxtor deal which I got for $10
because I had one of those Office depot reward cards for 10 bucks.

I dont do price matching though. The stores always seemed to hate
doing it. I tried twice a long time ago  and never wanted to do it
again seeing them squirm and lie to try to get out of it and humiliate
you - its not even worth it. And that was a straight forward PM not
the wacked out ones where I see some customers online describe how
they lied and distorted the situation to force the stores to give them
an item for 99% off or something. I would never do that.

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