6-in-1 frontpanel picking up noise

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I have this 6-in-1 (all plastic, not-encased) frontpanel installed, to
bring the USB connectors and the headphone connectors to the front, so
they are more easily eccessible.
However, the headphones seem to be picking up noise from the inside of
the case.
The panel is connected to the mainboard by a cable that runs through
the case, to a d25 connector in the backpanel, from the outside of the
d25 connector by a bunch of cables to the exising outside connectors
for USB, headphone, microphone etc.

When I plug the headphone in the backplane connector, there is no
So, my conclusion is, that the cables inside the case pick up noise
from the mainboard...or cabling..

Question: what can I do about it, BESIDES buying a new front
Would it help to shield the cables with some metal mesh or even
aluminium foil (just to see if it works) ?'
Or would I shield the panel entirely ? (its electronics is open now)
Coukd also be, that the electronics in the panel itself (basically a
USB hub ?) is generating the noise.
The nois is faint, but noticeable nevertheless.

Re: 6-in-1 frontpanel picking up noise

Osiris je napisal:
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I think it is most likely that the pannel has a common ground with the
casing of the PC, which may be picking up minute amounts of voltage
from anything connected to the PC.

The simplest solution would be to use USB headphones (digital won't
pick up any noise).

You could always try shielding the cable, but do note that it only
helps against high-frequency electromagnetic noise. I would recommend
properly grounding your computer if possible, as a properly grounded
case will eliminate noise of every kind.

Re: 6-in-1 frontpanel picking up noise

On 16 Aug 2006 08:11:28 -0700, jure.sah@bia.si wrote:

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Hm, the case IS properly grounded...
It's a light crackling sound.
I notice now, that the crackle reacts to the moving of the RF mouse
too: it becomes somewhat louder, more intensive when movein the
maybe the panel is not connected to ground ? (it's all plastic, fed by
a floppy power connector)

Re: 6-in-1 frontpanel picking up noise

oops, using another headset eliminates the noise...
moving the mouse now has no effect...
So it's the headset picking up noise...

Re: 6-in-1 frontpanel picking up noise

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Try removing the front panel and running it outside the case for a while
with a metal barrier between it and the case - this should prove or
eliminate interference from the internals of the case. What quality of wires
connect the back of the case to your front panel - perhaps noise is being
introduced through low quality wires or interference between the wires.

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