500Gig usb not always work

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I have a 500Gig WD w/16MB cach.  The problem is I can only format it when
its attached as an IDE internal device.  Once its formated I then reattach
it to the usb external  and it will work SOMETIMES.  I had a A-BYTE external
usb and had big problems with it.  I recently upgraded the external usb to a
VANTEC NEXSTAR 3 and it works better.  I think its a power supply problem.
I have a number of usb devices like webcam and printer.  I was wondering if
I upgrade my computers P/S to a 550W would that supply better power to the
usb devices and ensure that my usb HD would always connect on startup?

Re: 500Gig usb not always work

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Afraid not H.
you`re limited to approx 500milliamps per USB port.
Some devices use a lead with an extra USB lead attached,
this is for devices that use a little more power.


Re: 500Gig usb not always work

Hugh Sutherland wrote:

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Your external usb enclosure includes a power supply that supports the hard
drive as well as the electronics in the enclosure.  The HD does not receive
power from the computer, so changing its P/S will not help (although the
purchase might help revive the world's economy).

Check that you reset the HD jumpers to 'single' or 'master' when it is in
the external enclosure.  It might help narrow down the cause if you tried
the usb drive on another computer.

NexStar 3 hmmm

I recently upgraded from an A-Byte usb enclosure to a NexStar 3 usb
enclosure.  It works alittle better but if I turn off the computer and usb
HD then turn all back on the data on my usb HD won't show up.  HD devices
show up and the usb drive says its healthy but will not show as NTFS and my
data seems to be gone.  I have my HD jumpered as master as its says in the
manual.  I even have the NexStar 3 enclosure opened so its not a heating
problem or power problem ...hmm

any ideas?

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my specs

I probably should of told you my specs:
Epox 8rda+ w/AMD 1800 cpu
2 gig memory
120 Gig HD and a 30 Gig backup
ATI 9550 256 video
logitech webcam usb and Lexmark 1270 USB printer

some say older m/b can't handle big USB drives like my 500Gig wd w/16MB
cache in my NexStar3 case

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Re: my specs

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Hugh Sutherland wrote:
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Couple random thoughts:

"Some say" wrong. The mobo doesn't have anything to do with limiting the
size of the HDD that's connected, that's up to the OS.

Motherboards of that era are very prone to failing capacitors
(unfortunately, as they're quite powerful enough to still be useful for a
few years yet). Do a visual check of all capacitors and look for bulging
tops, cans lifting off their 'plugs' and/or leakage.
I have a system very similar to yours (although it uses a Soltek mobo with
an nForce2/400/Ultra chipset and I've replaced some of the capacitors a
couple years back) that was working perfectly as a spare system right up
until I offered to lend it to a friend who's P4 system died. I disconnected
the machine, put their HDD in mine as a slave (so they could access their
data) and it wouldn't boot. Removed the HDD again and it still won't

I've messed about with it but haven't been able to ressurect it as yet. I
haven't had a clear workbench lately as I have a new flatmate sharing my
'office' space and, since the move in, some of my stuff was moved and hasn't
found a home, some of flatmate's is still in 'termporary' places.... I fully
intend to get to the root of it's problem though, it's a useful machine.

If I were you and my case supports room (and cooling) for another internal
HDD (and the mobo caps look fine) I'd use the WD HDD internally. You say IDE
huh? Not that many 500 giggers were IDE.... I used a PCI - SATA card in mine
to good effect.


"Build a man a fire, and he`ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and
he`ll be warm for the rest of his life." Terry Pratchett, Jingo.

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