5 displays - what do I need?

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How do I get a setup with five displays?  I would like four TFT's all
mounted on an arm, all the same model, and I want a fifth CRT.  I am in the
UK, Scotland - and realise this will cost the earth.

Does Windows XP support 5 displays?  What about video cards, I presume I
will need at least two?  I have a standard AGP motherboard, two years old.
I do not want to use a new PC for this.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



Re: 5 displays - what do I need?

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XP can handle up to ten monitors.

You can have a regular or dual head graphics in your AGP slot.  A dual head
Matrox G450 would be a good choice. They are cheap and don't have a fan.
Approx 40 new.

Then you can get a PCI Matrox G450 MMS that can run up to 4 monitors.
There's one on eBay for 140.


Re: 5 displays - what do I need?


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Win2K on old bx hardware here, do not know XP at all.
This is what I am heading for, the dual dual bloomberg lcd's work
nice, but I wish to add back in a CRT. It depends on what you intend
to do with the desktop space. I have found that one chip per monitor
works for me best. I do not wish to run an application across the 4
monitors that I use, but "an" application on each monitor in full
screen. Some applications are fussy, and will only output graphics to
the default monitor, id movies,dvd players etc. Winamp I give great
kudos? to for running where I tell it to, even "this instance here,
this instance there..." Rough guidline... pick a chipset, memory level
and speed that is available in PCI and AGP and go for it. Dual and
quad output cards reduce the slot requirements, but watch out for
unintended conciquences (yeah like I can spell that) where fullscreen
output is required on one/all cards.

Post more info, and how it turns out.


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Re: 5 displays - what do I need?

Trying to use two vid.cards can be problomatic, sometimes they work,
sometimes not. There doesnt appear to be any sure fire way of knowing.
You might be advised to email matrox tech. - their multi display cards are
good, assuming your not game playing.

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