4GB RAM Won't Work

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I have a desktop running a abit aw8-max motherboard and i had ddr2 ram
installed (corsair valueselect).

I have now bought another pair of 1GB ram sticks (*same vendor) and
tried to install them. Even if i only put one of them in the free slots
the computer wont start and the motherboard signifies a '6F' code (part
of the boot up sequence, but it gets stuck on 6f) which is something to
do with the floppy.

Basically i have no idea how to fix this. the manual says that because
of resource allocation you cannot effectively install 4GB of dual

If you can help me without me having to buy any more ram that would be

But uif it is needed for me to buy something else thats fine as long as
it will work.

Maybe i just need to buy four 1Gb single DDR's ???

Re: 4GB RAM Won't Work

padingle@gmail.com wrote:

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Are all the sticks of RAM, branded RAM ? Are they all Corsair
products ? Or are the new pair of 1GB sticks, unbranded generic

You should try the new RAM, one stick at a time, as the only
RAM in the computer. Your chipset is 955X, which should be
able to work with a single stick in any slot you choose.

Set your BIOS to auto-detect the RAM, before changing the
RAM configuration. That may allow the new RAM to be
properly detected and run at a reasonable clock rate.

If the new RAM will not POST in the computer, when it is by
itself, then return the RAM for a refund. I can understand
a BIOS having some problems, when mixing RAM (there are a
number of BIOS with bugs like that), but using just a
single stick, if that doesn't work, implies the RAM is
not suitable for the computer.

To test the motherboard, you can take a single stick of the
RAM that is working, and try it in all four slots. A
program like memtest86+ from memtest.org , can be used to
test the RAM, as you move it from slot to slot. Make sure
the memory is seated each time. The memory should be installed
with all power to the computer off - when standby power is
present, it can damage the RAM stick as it is installed or
removed. By doing that test, you are proving that all slots
are working in the motherboard (just in case Corsair asks
that question).


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What that statement means, is you install 4x1GB of memory, but
about 3.2GB or so would be available to WinXP 32 bit version.
Part of the memory is not accessible, because that memory space
is used to access PCI bus devices, PCI Express devices etc.


Re: 4GB RAM Won't Work

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What size?

Re: 4GB RAM Won't Work

padingle@gmail.com wrote:
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There you have it. Try bios upgrade to see if they fixed that issue.
Going through the revision history, they addressed all kind of memory
compatibility issues.


Re: 4GB RAM Won't Work

paulmd@efn.org wrote:

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I upgraded the bios to version 17 and the problem is solved. Windows XP
is only accepting 3GB but in the bios and in CPU-z (software) it shows
as 4GB. but that is to be expected

Thankyou all

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