486 Mainboard ID

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I hope it's ok to post this question here, if not please advise.
I'm trying to Id the mainboard you can see in this photo album
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/volksrod70/album?.dir=/8a69&.src=ph&.to ...
I think it is a form of a SIS 471 but I as of yet don;t know for sure.
What I would like is to know if either of the CPU's in the photos can
be used and how to jumper the mainboard to accept and also BIOS info,
also what jumpers to use to acces the 72 pin Simm sockets along with
any additional info any of you may have.
Thanks for any help.

Re: 486 Mainboard ID

Unfortunately, I'm not able to make out any identifying numbers on the
board. However, knowing it's a 486 board, only the 2nd CPU in the CPU
picture will work (the first one is a Pentium1 class CPU).

The major thing to consider is the voltage of the board and CPU. A lot of
older boards were very picky about what voltages they would supply to the

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Re: 486 Mainboard ID

I can't really find any identifying numbers on it at all, if it is in
fact a SIS 471 it is supposed to be switchable between 5 and 3.3 volts,
but I have no idea what jumpers to use.
So you say the DX-4 100mhz chip should work, that is good to learn.
Thanks for your reply.

Re: 486 Mainboard ID

Volksrod wrote:
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It looks like a  SiS471 look at:-

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