4 Port RS232 PCI Card recommendation

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currently i use a 4 Port RS232 PCI Card from moxa (CP-104UL) for time
critical periperial controls. The latest driver version 1.15 solves a
"2. Fixed Power mangement while reopening port" Problem. But i cannot
install this driver on my WinXP SP2 machine (no driver found).

So i need a recommendation for a 4 Port RS-232 Card with "no time
critical communication bugs/problems"

Please Help!

Re: 4 Port RS232 PCI Card recommendation

On Thu, 03 Jul 2008 20:03:12 +0200, Gerhard Wolf

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If you link to this driver download, perhaps someone can
take a look at it and see why WinXP isn't *finding* it.

Well, nevermind I found it here,


It appears to have the same general files as the prior
version, how have you tried to install this?  Have you
manually browsed to it or used some other alternative method
of selecting the INF file when browsing to update it?

If worst comes to worst, you could just manually copy the
files to their respective locations (which you could find
using Find-Files for each filename), possibly needing to
turn off windows file protection and/or first overwrite the
backup file location (also found with Find-Files) so that
when you overwrite the primary copy windows won't then
restore the older version.  I can only assume this will work
as it usually does but just in case the driver has some
problem and would make windows crash, you might first make a
backup of the OS partition or at least a restore point,
though I would hope even in worst case the system might boot
and run in safe mode for driver removal if it didn't work.

Incidentally, Moxa's support should be able to tell you how
to get the driver installed or if it has a problem
installing, should be informed of this so they can correct
the problem.

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