4 bit color?

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I am helping a friend with his laptop that was damage by a delta baggage
handler.  The display is fractured.  So we connected the external
monitor port to a lcd monitor to verify that the laptop would boot.
And indeed it did.  However it booted to 640X480 with 4 bit color?
It will not let me change the resolution or color depth setting.
Can anyone help with this?

Re: 4 bit color?

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Sounds like you need to reload the video card(chip) drivers.

Some people are claiming DELL did by Alienware after all

What does this mean? That the INTEL chips hyped by Anandtech that got
20-30% better performance than the top AMD in games like FEAR etc was
BS?  If its true that INTEL has these super hot gaming chips right
about to be intro-ed where they would retake the performance crown
right when VISTA should be coming out too --- why would DELL risk its
special relationship with INTEL?

It doesnt make sense unless AMD has an even better chip coming out or
unless the INTEL chips are BS.


Unconfirmed: Dell buys Alienware
Posted by: Rich Brown

While no word has been officially released from either Dell or
Alienware, we heard from a reliable source this morning that the
purchase has indeed gone down. Speculation began on March 5 after a
blog post by Voodoo PC CEO Rahul Sood. The new source, a contact at a
high-end vendor who requested anonymity, claims that two of his
company's suppliers confirmed that the deal has been done, and he also
claims that his company has received an influx of resumes from
Alienware employees.

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