36 pin ram

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I need some 36 pin ram to upgrade an old computer but can't find
anyone who sells it.

Re: 36 pin ram

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I'm sure that I've got a few 1meg sticks around here...

What size are you looking for? How many?

Re: 36 pin ram

John Doe wrote:
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Is there anything else you can tell us about it ?

Looking at a couple Wikipedia articles, they mention 30 pin and
72 pin SIMMs as popular form factors. (The contacts on a SIMM are only
on one side of the module, while on a DIMM, there are contacts on both
sides of the module.)

Are you sure it is 36 pin ?

What capacity of RAM do you have currently ? 256KB, 1MB, 4MB would
be popular sizes. I suppose before that, perhaps 64KB. At one time,
the tiny modules were installed four at a time (banked).

They might not be making those RAM chips any more, due to lack of
demand. So if modules exist, they're either really dusty, or
they are pulled from old equipment.

My first memory card held 8KB, and uses 64 chips. But I didn't track
memory modules for some time after that.

Does the computer have a make and model ? Perhaps some historical
archives that have records of that model, will have something to
say about what kind of RAM it uses.

Since at least some of that RAM has vanishing value, there is more
of a tendency to throw it away. Or make Christmas decorations out
of it :-) I have a cache DIMM here, for example, that was included
in an order from an online computer retailer - it has a hole drilled
in one corner, and a provided hook was intended to allow hanging the
cache DIMM from a Christmas tree branch. Apparently, there was no
demand for the product, and rather than throw them away, they
decided to be creative.


Re: 36 pin ram

"John Doe" wrote in message
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Is the motherboard's brand and model going to remain a secret?
Knowing that might help in finding the manual for it that would
describe what memory it supports.

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