32 or 16bit PCMCIA Cards. How To Tell Difference?

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I've been on the trail of this info for a while after buying an
external laptop PCMCIA CD\DVD drive recently.

The included caddy & PCMCIA card were sold as 32bit however it just
doesn't seem to get the speed.

I have had quite a few people identify it (by type) as 16bit however
the seller is insisting it is 32bit and he has run it as such.

My problem is is this is a white label, no brand, no information
chinese manufactured card.

I am told that all 32bit PCMCIA cards have the gold strip along the
connector end however being a cheap chinese import does this apply

That's why I'm now asking you guys as your a more international bunch

I eventually located the company that make these but they have very
little info on their site.

There are some pictures of this card on my site (center page):


The drive manufacturers site is here:

(These pages load very slow)

I haven't been able to find any software yet which can identify the
card. tried SisoftSandra and Everest but neither can get into the
PCMCIA card (or the card has no stored info..)

Any thoughts or ideas?



Re: 32 or 16bit PCMCIA Cards. How To Tell Difference?

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it's not too likely that it would be a 16 bit device...
if you want faster access...maybe firewire or USB2 would be the way to go
if your machine is so equipped

Re: 32 or 16bit PCMCIA Cards. How To Tell Difference?

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The 'no external power' needed is a dead giveaway.  CardBus only supplies
3.3 V (versus 16-bit PCMCIA's 5V) which is not adequate to power most, if
not all, CD drives.


Re: 32 or 16bit PCMCIA Cards. How To Tell Difference?

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005 21:28:28 -0700, "Johnnie Leung"

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I know my picture book requires external power to achieve cardbus but
wasn't sure how many other drives\laptops needed this.

I tried the drive on another full blown laptop and same problem to see
if it was a electrical current supply problem but it was just as

I have just been testing the drive under PCIC (16bit only) set in the
BIOS so I think I'd be right in saying that if it was a 32bit card it
just wouldn't work! The drive he sold me does work under PCIC.

Cheers though. That gives me another arguement to throw at him.


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