2x512 Mb(CL2) or 2x1024 Mb (CL3) ?

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I have doubts about buying 2x512 Mb(CL2) or 2x1024 Mb (CL3) becuse
price of 2x1024 isn t that more expensive. In both cases modules are
DDR PC3200 (400MHz). I m wondering which modules will give better
performance, THX

Re: 2x512 Mb(CL2) or 2x1024 Mb (CL3) ?

On 26 Feb 2006 01:37:08 -0800, "CC"

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Doing what tasks?

The choice is fairly clear... if your use needs more than
512MB, there you are....

There is no performance gain from having insufficient memory
and having to hit the HDD for virtual memory.

If you really care about performance and need over 512MB,
don't think cost.  Cost <> performance, they are the two
opposites. You can buy CAS2.5 1GB modules, that's what I'd
do if the budget stretches.  Some CAS3 will even run CAS2.5
stable but it isn't guaranteed and as always you should
extensively test the memory.

Re: 2x512 Mb(CL2) or 2x1024 Mb (CL3) ?

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Yeah if you need more mem get 2x1024 even if its CL 3. Most of the
memory I see now is CL3 by the way. Ive posted my old memory which I
bought over a year ago 3200 sticks were all CL2.5. Seems like the
memory industry which was losing money consolidated ----- many were
bought up by a few big players and the big players were actually
investigated and fined for price fixing last year. Anyway they seemed
to have switched to CL3 overall for 3200.

I may not be the typical case so Im warning people but Ive noticed
most people get by with 512 megs. Theres a huge gain between 256 and
512 for most people but you can live with even 256 megs. Im using that
now with one system.  

However I went to 1 gig over a year ago and for me I noticed another
big improvement but not everyone will. More power users will, and you
will with some games. I didnt think games made much of a difference
but Ive read some articles that say things like Battlefield 2 actually
can improve with up to 2 gigs. I think I notice a difference when
transferring lots of data and other intensive tasks it doesnt bog down
as much.

Now Ive upgraded to a dual core and sata 160 Hitachi HD and both feel
like an improvement but I still have some lags, freezing so I want to
go from 1 gig to 2 gigs.

One of the problems is many of the new CL3 sticks dont get along with
my old CL2.5 sticks or my board. Ive read running 4x512 causes far
more problems than 2x1 gig so I think its way better to get 2x1gig now
than trying to add 2x512 later to 2x512. Anandtech claims in one
article hes had much better overclocking results with 2x1 gig than
4x512 I think.  Some boards seem to have problems period using all 4



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