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Heya all :)

What do you think about configuration as follows:

- AMD Athlon64 3000+,box,soc939
-RAM (2x256mb) 512MB RAM DDR,400mhz(Dual ch.)
-mother board: NVIDIA nForce 3 Ultra -
socket939,DDR400,PCI-E,lan,SATA,RAID, sound card integrated
-graph card:
GeForce 6600,128mb,Dvi,tv out,hdtv
- drive:
DVD-RW NEC 3540,16X(2layer burner DVD)
- hdd: SATA 120GB

thank you all


Re: 2ND opinion

This is not a bad configuration based on the numbers but there is difference
between various brands and models.
It depends on what brand/type you will buy, what you will be using it for
and how much you have/want to spend.

I once read this tip.
There are keywords in getting a new computer: cheap, stable, fast and you
can only get 2 of them.

Socket 939 should exist longer then 754 but there are many different
opinions on that topic.
A total of 512MB is sufficient for running xp and the basic programs but
once you start using applications that require more ram...
You might consider of getting 2x 512MB because they are not that expensive
Depending on the situation - mobo, money, ... - you can add ram afterwards
as well.
Go for a new type of hdd and compare warranty periods, they are a indication
of quality ie. a seagate barracuda 7200.7 -> 5y and this diks runs fairly
A GF6600 is not a bad choice but be carefull not to go for such a
'turbocache' card because they use your system memory wich makes them very

Hope this helps....

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Re: 2ND opinion

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Yes, thank you.

Re: 2ND opinion

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Its nice. You mean Nforce4 right? There is no nforce3 939 as far as I
know. They were 754 sockets.

Thats close to the system I have except I have 2 x 512 and a 800XL ATI
and no SATA HDs - I have 4 PATAs with 2 running SATA to PATA adaptors.
2 x 160 gigs WD and Seagate
2x200           WD and Maxtor

Im taking the 160 WD off since I bought another Seagate 160 twp weeks
ago and Im going to RAID the Seagates. Not a big deal for most people
and Anandtech seems to recommend against it for most people - no real
perf gain and bigger chance of data loss of one HD in the RAID 0
config goes down but Im more bugged at this point about my system
getting bogged down doing multitasking stuff so thats why I want raid.
Probably going for the DUAL CORE 3800 X2 in a month or two.

The prices are coming down on them to the low 300s now so my
outrageous hope of getting one for $250 by Dec or Jan may actially get
close - or maybe not. Sometimes demand for some PC goods let the firms
keep the prices higher than expected of longer than expected. If the
buzz about INTELs new chips coiming out soon is true though or at
least puts more pressure on AMD who knows that might cause it to hit
that price and also if PC sales are cooler than expected.

Right now after years of up and down forecasts of PC sales the claims
are notebooks and PCs are really flying off the shelves now but mainly
due to the super low prices like the notebook 399-599 sales every week
now and some killer PC deals the last few months.

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