20 pin to 24 pin PSU cable

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i am looking at a PSU i would like

It ships with only a 20 Pin ATX power connector

can I use a 20 pin to 24 pin cable to connect the power supply to my main
board, whish is a Gigabyte K8NF-9, which uses PCI-Express and therefore
requires a 24 pin power connector

The PSU in question does adhere to ATX 2.03 so it should be fine... is this
reccomended and will it work

or is it extremely stupid?

are these cables only meant for use when connecting PSUs with 24 pin
connectors to boards with 20 pin connectors?



Re: 20 pin to 24 pin PSU cable

On Sun, 12 Jun 2005 21:10:33 +0000 (UTC), "Christo"

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Didnt you ask this before? Yes. Thats all Ive heard and with my
Chaintech board Ive tried 2 PSes now and they both work fine. You plug
it in all the way to the right. And its obvious anyway cause the shape
of the holes alternate so theres only one wy to put them in unless you
really try to force it.

My old Antec 400 watt is 20 pin and works and Antecs site even has a
thing on it how it will work. My Ultra X 500 watt PS comes with an
adaptor for 24 pin but its a 20 pin and all it does is the samething
with the adaptor just makes sure the right pins are connected. The one
Im using right now is a 500 watt Maddog PS which also is a 20 pin
which works fine.

Theres some debates at some sites where people claimed you should
always use an adaptor, you never use an adaptor only use a 24 pin PS
etc. And one camp said never use an adaptor but you can use the 20 pin
all the way to the right. THat was because of a claim made to
Chaintech that some user used an adaptor and burned up his board so
there was a concern that there were some poorly designed adaptors out
there and so Chaintech supposedly urged people NOT to use an adaptor
and to just plug the 20 pin in the way everyone says to. Lots of
people say theyve been using the 20 pin like I said with no problems
despite various scare stories on some websites.

Re: 20 pin to 24 pin PSU cable

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Cheers, I probably have asked before, I just couldn't remember which way
they were meant to be used, or if it caused any problems which way they were

24 pin PSU into a 20 pin board or a 20 pin PSU into a 24 pin board

Thanks again


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