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Hi, again

A neighbour of mine has asked me to try and find out a few things (very
touchy about computer and lets no-one near it).

Firstly, can someone please tell me what this is - sv1.xmcmx.net and why it
should keep on trying to connect to the Internet (Broadband),

Secondly, he says that his disc drives will not autoplay and discs. Is there
some kind of setting that needs to be adjusted. I don't know as I have not
had this problem and without actually looking at his, I can't tell.



Re: 2 small things

A Google turns up that this is some sort of spy/malware,
better run either adaware and/or spybot.
in "my computer" right click the drive, select sharing and security
then autoplay.

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Re: 2 small things

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Pen wrote:
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It may have been turned off through tweakui.  Forget the details,
but there are two basically incompatible methods of stopping the
autoload annoyance, and you can't use both at the same time.

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