2 questions : Tuner/capture card & wireless router

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Hi guys,

wondering if there's anyone out there with experience in a couple of
things I'm planning.

Firstly I want to set my PC up to act as a PVR - but taking it's feed
from my cable provider. I vaguely recall you can get a card to act asw
a tuner, and all I need to do is plug the feed from the box on the
wall into the card (i.e. not use the decoder that's under the TV). Is
there a card that will do this ? Since I'm hoping to use the PC as a
PVR, I'm also interested in something that ideally has it's own remote-
control, which since I'm looking at putting the whole thing in the
loft, needs to be wireless.

My second question is regarding a wireless router (dynalink 4-port
cable router). Is it unreasonable of me to expect it to work indoors
across 2 rooms (about 8 meters/24 feet) ? I'm using a USB-dongle in
the remote PC, and it can't see the signal. Is there any easy way to
get it to boost the signal a bit ? I was wodering about placement (I
could mount it in the loft, so it's above everything), or a bigger
antenna ?

Looking forward to your replies


Re: 2 questions : Tuner/capture card & wireless router

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PC capture cards cannot decode digital cable channels and will only be able
to tune to analog channels. You're much better off using the cable box to
tune the channels and have the PC capture card connect to the SVideo output
on the cable box.

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Get the wireless router in a spot that is central to the area you want to
use it. Mount it so it has the fewest obstructions.

Wireless is always a gamble... Sometimes it works great, others not. Also,
be sure to turn off ANY and ALL security features until you know it's
working. Many times a connection will not work simply because the router/PC
aren't allow to talk to each other.

Re: 2 questions : Tuner/capture card & wireless router

Calab wrote:
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What's this do then http://www.twinhan.com/product_AD-CP400-2.asp ?

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