2 ps2 keyboards , one computer no switching

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2 ps2 keyboards , one computer  no switching


apparently cyberguys site had a ps2 splitter.  may have plugged into
the ps2 socket of my comp and split it allowing 2 devices in there.

For other reasons I don't want to use USB.

the Ps2 splitter cables I see on google are for laptops, integrating a
keyb and mouse into it.  Would that kind of adaptor work for me?


Re: 2 ps2 keyboards , one computer no switching

jameshanley39@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
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nope! didn't work!!!
it appears that perhaps the power didn't get split between them so only
one keyboard operated.

Re: 2 ps2 keyboards , one computer no switching

On 10 Nov 2005 22:46:45 -0800, jameshanley39@yahoo.co.uk

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You cannot hook two keyboards into one non-switching
splitter and use both.  PS2 is not a bus, rather a port,
meaning one device only.  When the splitter is switching, it
either keeps only one of them connected as the device, OR
has an intermediary device (chip) that sits between the two.
I suppose in a broad sense this latter type might not be
called "switching", but offhand I don't recall seeing any of
them either.

Why do you need two PS2 keyboards simultaneously?

Re: 2 ps2 keyboards , one computer no switching

kony wrote:
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At the moment my setup is a few computers, a KVM Switch and a KVM

But I want to have 2 monitors , one computer on one screen, another
computer on another.

So I'd use 2 KVM Switches and each comp will plug into both KVM
Each KVM Switch 's signal will be boosted with KVM Extender. Each KVM
Switches monitor signal will go up and my monitors will plug in there.
Giving 2 screens, one for one KVM switch, the other for the other KVM
Switch.    The Keyboard and Mouse kvm cables that await input will be
boosted up to with the KVM Extenders,  They will pluig into a reverse
KVM Switch.  I will then plug in my keyboard into the reverse KVM and
choose with the switch, which KVM Switch to control.  - which monitor
to use.
So screen1 corresponds to KVM Switch 1.  Screen 2 corresponds to KVM
Switch 2.

Each computer would be plugged into *both* KVM Switches.  So either
monitor can shoe any computer.   I already have one ps2 KVM so won't go
wrong buying the same model. I know the model works and isn't expensive
(Zonet KVM 3004). .

Anyhow. Since ps2 doesn't work like that, as you say, it's not a bus.
I see 2 options. a)use ps2 to usb adaptors in the ps2 ports of the KVM
Switch.  Or b)get a usb kvm switch.

I don't like the idea of using adaptors, incase one comes loose, that'd
be annoying. So I think i'm best off with a USB KVM Switch.

The problem is that - besides the prices of USB KVM Switches, I suspect
that the USB isn't switched, but is just a hub.  So a device plugged
into what is supposedly computer3's kvm ports,  will be accessible to
any computer

I'm looking at
StarTech.com StarView SV431USB 4-port KVM Switch

Zonet KVM 3204 - 4 port PS2-to-USB KVM Switch w/ built in USB hub

Thoguh bot seem to say the USB is a hub. and don't mention switching.

seems like I need a special USB data switch that takes a keyboard
shortcut like a KVM. I guess this is starting to look  not feasible!

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