2 phone lines and 10/100 over the same cable

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Can I use 1 piece of CAT5e for 2 phone lines and a 10/100 network?

I have a house that was built in 2002 and wired in star topology with
CAT5e Plenum grade wire, for the telephone. From the NID, it goes to a
66 Block inside the house where all four pairs are jumper for four lines
throughout the house.

The home owner wants to install DSL. If I pull the orange and green
pairs (going to the star) out of the 66 Block and connect them to a 110
RJ45 Patch Panel for data and continue using the blue and brown pairs
for phone, is there some reason I can't use one piece of CAT5e for both
phone and 10/100 network?

Next question: if I put the DSL modem > Router > 16 port Switch at the
66 Block & Patch Panel, can I terminate the blue pair at the DSL modem
and reconnect to the 66 Block after it goes through the DSL Filter?

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