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I just setup everything to run 2 monitors for a larger dektop, which I need
badly.  I am running Win 2000 and have one video card in the VGP slot
(monitor 1) and one in the PCI (monitor 2).  I setup everything in the
display properties as well.

The problem is,  all I am seeing is a mess on the other monitor.  I see
faint traces of my mouse when I move it over so it is setup properly.  Does
anyone or has anyone had this issue before?

Is it my PCI card as this is for the 2nd monitor or is it the monitor

any help is appreciated.

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Further information is required to even take a stab at this.
What cards are you using?
What resolution are you trying?
I am interested in trying to help, been thru several setups before I
settled on the two monitors on the AGP ,and two monitors on the PCI
card that I am happy with. I cannot even begin to tell what would be
the problem without some information on system/monitor/card(s).
W2K seems good at multiple monitors, have quad LCD's here,and quite
Some further information would be good, what is the final goal?

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Re: 2 monitors

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thanks for your help.  You have 4 monitors going??

My PCI card is a simple 2D/3D PCI VGA Card that I bought for $20.00

The AGP card is a Nvidia Gforce 2 MX 400

I am trying resolution of 1024x768 but I have tried them all to no avail

I am using a Viewsonic E771 and an IBM monitor that works fine.

Using Windows 2000

The final goal is to have 2 montiors so I can have several important windows
open at once when I am editing my web site.  Makes life alot easier.

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