? 1st. Class 2D Video Car ?

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I have used Matrox cards for years due to their excellent 2D

In the current crop of ATI and Nforce chip driven video cards is there
a make/model that provides first class 2D performance?

I look forward to your suggestions.

Arnold Packer

Re: ? 1st. Class 2D Video Car ?

On Sun, 03 Dec 2006 22:26:05 GMT, Arnold Packer

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No better than the Maxtrox lines, like a G450.  However,
past technological revolution pretty much eliminates 2D
performance as a factor.  Enter DVI- every pixel arrives at
the monitor with 100% accuracy even from the cheapest of the
low end video cards.

I'm suggesting that if absolute best 2D is important, you
need a DVI input capable monitor if you don't have one yet,
then randomly grab any video card that has DVI output.

Otherwise, you might mention which slot it'll fit into- PCI,
PCI Express, or AGP.    In general the cheapest cards are a
gamble for analog output, their output filter stages may
have parts off spec some and introduce blurring, in addition
to a slower ramdac than newer or better cards.  Thus a
mid-grade card from ATI or nVidia is a typical solution but
if you have special needs it would be good to mention those

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