150x100x86mm PSU <- what the hell is this?

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Just removed a blown psu from a machine i'm fixing up. Its PSU has wierd
dimensions, like a normal atx psu, but not as deep. Anyone any ideas
what form factor this is? and where i can get a replacement? a standard
atx psu actually fits, but not with the cdrom drive in at the same time


Re: 150x100x86mm PSU <- what the hell is this?

On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:28:34 GMT, Ciaron Nixon

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150 wide x 86 high is indeed standard for PS2, they're only

I've seen them called "mATX", and called "PS3".
When you buy from a vendor you have to pay careful attention
to their stated dimensions unless you find a particular
manufacturer's model # you already know is correct.

I "think" one option is an Antec PP153X,

but I know Delta makes some too as they were commonly found
in some HP systems... therefore looking for HP power
supplies might yield a few results. If I have any more of
those around here I'll get the part # off of one.

One issue though may be why it blew.  If the machine has
been significantly upgraded then it may exceed the capacity
of those smaller power supplies.  The option then is
replacing the case or doing without the bays a standard ATX
length unit would block.  They're (that size's limitation)
only good for an honest 200W, the generics even less.

Re: 150x100x86mm PSU <- what the hell is this?


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I have two differnt ones in that form factor, both were in
HP systems but I don't recall the HP system model #s.

Delta DPS-160GB
HP P/N 0950-3623
3V - 16A, 5V - 16A, 12V - 4A, 5VSB - 1.5A (accurate ratings)

Bestec ATX1956D
HP P/N 0950-4106
3V - 10A, 5V - 23A, 12V - 12A, 5VSB - 2A (peak only ratings)
3V + 5V = 150W Max
5V + 12V = 163W Max

Both are essentially ATX 2.01, no 12V 4-pin connector, but
both are electrically and ATX 20-pin plug compatible,
(though either or both might be missing -5V or -12V, I don't
recall and most systems don't need these rails),

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