1394 front panel jack cable/jack

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A while back, I bought a kit to bring my USB ports to the front, in a
floppy bay.  The one I bought (Koutech KW-F7771) also came with a 1394
jack, which I didn't connect.

I recently added a 1394 PCI adapder, which has one internal jack: a
standard 6-pin female, just like the external ones on the back.  I
would like to connect it to the front panel jack, but the cable
supplied with the kit is designed to work only with 1394 ports on a
motherboard-- which have jumper/ribbon-style conenctors.

Any ideas where to get a connector that will plug into the internal
jack and allow me to connect that front panel port?

Re: 1394 front panel jack cable/jack

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How about something like this ?


They have a few different types.



Re: 1394 front panel jack cable/jack

Paul wrote:
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Not quite what I meant...  I want to keep the front panel jack I have.

Thanks for the link to frontx.com, though.  They have exactly what I


I my have to juggle the pinout on the header connector, but that won't
be too hard.

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