1 or 3 UPSs for 3 servers?

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We have three PC's acting as servers (1 IPCop Linux as an IDS, 1 Fedora
Core Web server, and 1 FC file server.)
All have very basic hardware, P1 through P3, no monitors, none of them
have a PSU that draws more than 300 watts.

We REALLY need to get them on a UPS. But money is very tight.
What recommendations might there be inexpensive UPS solutions?

Can we use 1 UPS for all three?
For example, I found this one:
that provides 1320 watts. Can we put all three on one UPS?

I really want the UPS to help protect the PC's from surges and
brownouts. As for total black outs, which hasn't happened yet but all
it takes is once, I don't need the PC's to stay up, but safely shut
down if possible. Can that be done on three PC's on one UPS?

Or, would it be better to to get three much cheaper UPSs, one for each?
In so, any recommendation for really inexpensive but dependable UPS's
that will work with Fedora Core for automated shutdown?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: 1 or 3 UPSs for 3 servers?

Take a look at the Smart-UPS series at www.apc.com
In particular, search on > AP9607CB, a plug in card for the UPS which
1 UPS to shut down three computers.  They call it an "interface expander"

The site also has a sizing calculator:
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If money is really tight, look at http://refurbups.com

Liam wrote:
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Re: 1 or 3 UPSs for 3 servers?

Bennett Price wrote:
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Thanks! Some good advice there. I try to stay away from refurb
electronics, but that place looks pretty good.
Glad to know about things like that interface expander.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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