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Hi!  is there any way to use the same monitor for 2 different computer
boxes, aside from attaching the video cable first to one computer, then to
the other computer, as each is needed?    Like, is there a switch box and
then would we need 2 video cables for each computer box to the switch box?
I have 2 tester machines, one I'd like to use with the linux OS and the
other with the windows OS XP but I want to just use the 1 CRT monitor (it's
so big, it's just easier to have just 1).

TIA for ANY ideas!!!   katy

Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

Katy wrote:
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Ideally you want a KVM switch (Keyboard, Video, Mouse).
Do a search on the web and you'll see many different types. I have a
small Aten one that works well. Work with all OS's.

An autosensing one will automatically switch from one computer to the
other when you hit a 'hotkey' on your keyboard. Depending on the model,
you may get all the leads included with the switch.

You can also buy a manual (i.e 'twist the knob') switchbox and seperate
leads, but it usually ends up a more expensive option (from personal

Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

I should have added you might want to think ahead and buy one that can
handle 4 or even more computers in the future. You can get 'chaining'
KVM's where you link several together, or do what I did and add a manual
switch to an existing KVM - but this route isn't really recommended :)

Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

KVM Switch is the way to go.  Check newegg.com they have a wide
assortment.  Just make sure you know what the hot key is to switch
between computers.  I have one at work that uses the control key...not
a wise choice if you want to play games.  The one I have at home uses
the numlock key by pressing twice and then a number.  You can also get
other hookups to share between computers...like sound and usb.

Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

Katy wrote:
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When you get a KVM, make sure you get an "active" KVM, otherwise certain
OS's (Windows 2000 in particular) will loose your mouse because of
polling issues.

There is a software solution as well, it's called VNC - if they are
networked you can control one from the other. The display is a little
slow because it's going over the network.  I run several boxes headless
that way here with a combination of VNC & terminal services.


Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

You need a KVM switch. Most will switch VGA video and PS2 mice and keyboards.
You can also get one that will switch USB mice and keyboards and sound.

Katy wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh
            West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Re: 1 monitor 2 computers

You need to purchase a not-too-expensive "KVM Switch".


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