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I'm looking at replacing my Nokia 6310i/Palm Tungsten T combo with a
smartphone.   Not bothered in the slightest about music/video/games but
it needs to have a reasonable battery life, work well as a handheld
phone (not just with a headset) and be a usable PDA (for data entry as
well as just display).  It also needs to be pocketable which i think
knocks out the Ipaq style devices.

Current thoughts are a Treo 650 or one of the HTC models - a magician
or wizard.  it would be on Orange in the UK.

I'm put off the treo because the newer palm sync software isnt
supported by my employer (effort stopped at hotsync 4.01) so one of the
windows devices is looking better.  Nokia software has always been the
proverbial crock so not even considering at the moment.

1) does these phones have a decent vibrate mode and a loud ring?

2) will i be able to synch with the exchange server at work and with my
personal copy of Outlook at home?

3) synchronisation.  my wife and i currently synch our PalmPilots to
different folders within Outlook at home (ie, two calender folders -
one each).  Pocketmirror, the palm supplied synch software, allows
this.  Will activesync co-exist with pocketmirror and let us continue
to do this?

5) will these devices work as a standalone PDA if i find i still prefer
my 6310?  (ie work without a sim, connect to net via the phone modem
and bluetooth, synch with desktop apps)

5) anything i should be aware of coming from Palm devices for close to
10 years?

Re: Windows PDA/Smartphone questions

Qtek smartphones.

They have other names in other country.

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