Which pda to buy ?

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Im looking for some advice on which pda to buy?
I have read some reviews but they really dont say much.

Im looking at
Palm t/x ($349)
HP IPaq HX2790 ($489)
HP IPaq HX2190 (369)

What I want to do. (since I have never had one I can only say what I
think I want it for.)
Quoted text here. Click to load it
and read it to and from work.
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It appears some people say I should get HP because it comes with MS
use MS products and OS at home and work.
The HX2790 is a 624 Mhz cpu Wow.
They use compact flash, the same as my Nikon camera (can I just pop in
the memory
and look at the pictures ???)

Palm Pros
 I do use MS products, but It appears that the Palm works with MS
products anyway.
No one seems to complain that there Palm doesnt work with MS products.
Palm "seems" to be the big players in the pda area, so I would think
they would have
the most additional software and perhaps cheapest add ons. eg I am
interested in
buying a GPS at some time to add into the pda.

Can anyone provide some feed back here.

Re: Which pda to buy ?

I have an hx2755 I'll gladly sell you for $300.
It is the same as the 2790/2795/etc, but with
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition ...
MUCH more stable than the 5.0 I'm told.
(Although it can be "up"graded to 5.0 for a
$40 disk from HP)

reason: GSM/GPRS.
Anyone that doesn't have it ....

steve wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: Which pda to buy ?


afaik there is more software for Windows Mobile nowdays than for Palm OS.

The good thing about these HP models is the CF card slot, but the hx2190
doesn't have WiFi only bluetooth!
The WM 5.0 OS normally does its job quite okay.



Re: Which pda to buy ?

I=B4ve been using all kind of PDA since 1999, and i should admit windows
mobile is better than Palm OS, that=B4s truth.
But i dont change palmos. WMobile is just like windows desktop. You
want do something, so many tap i get tire too fast.
I can do anything using my palm pda.
For example.
I have wi-fi home, work and the university.
I got a Palm Life-Drive
4 GB of HD. The best!
I got many thing you dont image.
Connect to internet using my wifi, using bluetooth with my cell phone
a lof of music
I use the HD like a memory stick to install mobile application. I
connect to any pc and i get all the app i use, firefox, mail, glimp,
office, and all my password. That=B4s just with my Palm Life-drive

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