Which pda personal media to get?

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Hi, I'm looking for :
A personal portable media that is/can:
Based on linux OS with command prompt (so alot of softwares can be
at least 3.5 in lcd
can play mpeg n divx movies
With a compacflash reader
USB host
Got wireless n bluetooth built-in.

And if possible got a hd of 20 gig
I got some in sight:

Archos PMA400
Problem: not sure if there's a command prompt

Archos AV400/420
Problem: no wireless built-in n no linux os

Zaurus SL-6000L
Problem: No bluetooth, no HD

Zaurus SL-6000W
would be the perfect one but only available with japanese os!

Problem: Hd a bit small but at least I can plug an external HDD 20/40
No wireless or bluetooth
Quite expensive!! loll

Problem: No compactflash and small HD

any other model you might thing of that can fit my needs?
Thanks guys n girls!

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