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I travel, work in Sales and Operations and use the PDA heaviest for contact
and schedule management, but with the latest capability would move into
using Excel, Word, & MP3, etc on an occasional basis rather than firing up
the laptop.

Loved my Handspring Visor Deluxe (until I left it in a cab)
Hate my current Zire21 (bought because that was all that was available at
the store when I went to replace the Visor... screen size stinks, no color,
stylus sensitivity comes and goes and it crashes on global search every
time, even with no 3rd pty software loaded.

Live and work in areas where Bluetooth, WiFi are not readily available and
currently not a consideration in the purchase.

I really like the Palm platform and am looking at the T3, T5 (Currently same
price as T3 with free wireless keyboard) & TC.

Price is so similar between the three units now that cost isn't a factor.


Which one & why?

 Pro's & Cons from those who own'em? Especially related to Reliability,
Battery Life,Current OS, frequency of crashes, reasons and whether it is a
permanent "feature" or solvable.

Opinions on the wireless keyboard (larger size and free with the T5) vs. the
built-in tiny keyboard with the TC

Keith Warren

Re: Which Palm & Why

Keith Warren wrote:
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I'm in the same boat as you and wondering which to buy. After having read
several reviews I'll be going for the T3. Apparently it is a little faster
than the T5, better battery life and it has a metal case (T5 is plastic).



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Re: Which Palm & Why

After all the reviews, comments& general gnashing of teeth, I actually went
with the TC on the theory that I would be much more apt to use the built-in
keyboard on the fly rather than taking the time & trouble to use the free
fold-up job that comes with the T5. Out of the box it has worked flawlessly.
No problems at all with the sync, wi-fi to a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless
Broadband Router, or any of the other general issues noted in the forums.
Not a single crash in the last 3 weeks even with over 800 contacts, 1,000
datebook entries and numerous notes, etc with multiple sync's to both the
laptop running XP and the old desktop running 98SE. Battery life has
averaged over a week per charge with moderate to heavy use, although it has
seen rather light duty on web browsing and email so I can't comment on the
impact of heavy net use, but one would assume that it would significantly
shorten the cycle. I have not loaded any 3rd party apps to date, but feel
strongly that some of the "freeware" drove most of the issues that I had
with the Zire21.

On another note, 4 days after the purchase, the company "surprised" me with
a Blackberry, so the bride says, "I guess you won't be needing this anymore"
and now has full custody of the brand new TC! :-)


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Re: Which Palm & Why

Keith Warren wrote:
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Ignore my battery comment, T3 is in fact has the crap battery. Hopefully
though when the T5 battery is buyable it will be compatible with the T3.



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