Which GPS receiver for PocketPC?

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I've got an Ipaq 2210 Pocket PC that I'd like to use with some GPS software
I picked up cheaply on account of some out of date maps. What's the best
value GPS receiver for use with my PPC in Australia? Is there a benefit to
either Compact Flash or Bluetooth?

All help appreciated.

Re: Which GPS receiver for PocketPC?


(Or TomTom)

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Re: Which GPS receiver for PocketPC?

I purchased a very compact GPS rfeceiver on Ebay a month ago for about
$100. I am very pleased with the unit. The model is called BT-55.

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Re: Which GPS receiver for PocketPC?

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Compact Flash means it's all integrated and you don't have to power a
seperate receiver. However depending on where it's mounted in the car it can
obsequre your view of the road. Plus they often need additional drivers etc
to make them work.

Bluetooth doesn't usually require additional drivers and can be placed
anywhere within the car. The battery will often last 10 hours+

In all cases make sure you get nothing less than a Srif Star III receiver.
Don't even contemplate a version II.

I personally use the TomTom MkII receiver and it is excellent. I don't even
need to put it in the window, down by the gearstick is fine.

Re: Which GPS receiver for PocketPC?

Look at the Garmin GPS 10

It is a very small, powerful Bluetooth GPS receiver that will
communicate with your PDA, Pocket PC or Laptop.

It has a powerful magnet so you can attach it to the roof or hood of
your car in any kind of weather (it also works fine up on the
dashboard).  It is rechargeable and lasts for many hours between

You can buy the bare receiver (only) on eBay (new or used).  Or, you
can buy the receiver together with either City Select or Navigator map


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