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If you are planning to purchase a cell phone with plan, a smartphone
with plan and happen upon this company and are impressed by they're
low prices, do yourself a favor: take the money you would spend on
whatever it is they have to offer that you want and flush it down the
toilet. You will never, ever see any kind of refund from this company.

I had the misfortune of getting sucked into ordering a smartphone
w/plan from this company. I later found out that the phone has been
receiving terrible reviews and decided to cancel well before the order
shipped. That was over 2 weeks ago and every time I call this
company's customer service they inveriably tell me " your money will
be refunded and you will see in 2 to 3 business days."

They tell me this everytime I call them...about every 2 to 3 business
days and I've called them more than 5 times.

Don't let the Better Business Bureau affiliation fool you. This site
has no interest in consumer satisfaction.

Be aware.

Re: Watch out for A1

Totally agree, avoid them.
Their another "business model" is to catch you by offering big rebates,
but they never pay them. It is a business model, if they had to pay
rebates they would be running with no profit, but the process is
designed so that 70-80% of claim will not satisfy requirements - that's
their profit. Hate them.

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